Jan 21, 2017


One way I deep cleaning is by rearranging things.  Today, I was feeling tired because Little Prince got me quite a few times last night.  And so being tired, I was bugged by the mess.  So, I rearranged the living room and dining room (I switched them).

This is the before of the old dining room, where the living room is now (minus the clutter).

This is the before of the old living room where the dining room is now.

This is the new arrangement for the new dining room.

This is the new arrangement for the new living room.

Jan 20, 2017

Preparations and Pizza

We went in to town to get some things for Princess Belle's birthday.  It was a long day and I was on a pretty strict budget, but I am pleased with the results.  I am making her a big cheesecake and she is thrilled with that.

I did get some great deals on Jammies and I CAN NOT resist my kids in their jammies.

Little Prince actually ate again today!!!  I am thrilled he seems to be back from his hunger strikes.   I hate it when he stops eating.  He is in such a great, sweet, giggly mood today.  Just being in the room with him made smile.

After a long day of shopping and driving the kids had pizza out of the freezer for supper and I relaxed with coffee and a movie (and maybe a little chocolate too but don't tell anyone.)

Jan 19, 2017

Dressing the part

Homeschool in the new year is going well and I feel like we are back in the swing of things, all caught up from our Christmas break.

I am looking forward to getting a new printer again so I can print off some fun unit studies for the kids to enjoy. I like to make it fun if I can.

I was thrilled today when Princess Belle actually was excited by the things we did in school today, she even declared it fun!!  As a teenager I can tell you that is a thing that never happens!

One thing that I really I love about homeschool is how the little girls delight in coming to do their work in various states of dress.  One day the kids will school in jammies or in their favorite dress, another day the little girls are dressed as princesses, and yet another day I am teaching fairies!  It is just as fun for me as it is for them.