Mar 26, 2017

Spring Fever

I am feeling the need to de-junk the kids zones of the house.  It may be spring fever but my kids are SLOBS!  And I need their areas to look better.

Today, we tackled the kids lounge.  I rearranged and created two zones.  The first is the television area and the second is what will be a little reading area.  I still have to load the book shelves and I want to add a carpet and a bean bag chair to the reading corner.  It looks so much better and I can't wait to get at the playroom.

Here is the television area

This is what will be the reading corner.

Mar 25, 2017


One of the projects I tackled today was my frozen foods.  I tend to buy things that are on sale and poke them where they fit.  Nothing was organized or easy to find.

At that point;

  1. I emptied my freezers onto the table.  
  2. Sorted everything into like items.
  3. Decided which items went into my fridge freezer for easy access and put them there.
  4. Organized the other items in the deep freeze.

This is all my frozen food:

Here is my fridge freezer now:

Here is my deep freeze:

Mar 24, 2017


I found a GIGANTIC stuffed puppy for Little Prince for only  $1.50!  It is so soft and sweet!

When he got it, he pulled it into his lap, plopped his face into it and declared it SOFT!  He now uses it for a blanket at night.

I just love how cute the little girls in these dresses and socks!