Oct 21, 2017


It occurred to me that in all my getting through the day to day stuff, I had in no way prepared for my trip to Halifax for Little Prince's dental surgery tomorrow.  So today before work, I ran around getting things together and getting easy foods for Princess Belle to get for their meals while I am gone.  I had literally 15 minutes to see the kids before work.

Oct 20, 2017


I got called into work early today and basically missed my family today.  I saw them long enough to make supper, tidy the kitchen and then leave for work.   When I got home, they were in bed.  I came up a complete mess and a quiet house after working nine hours.

Oct 19, 2017

Little Prince

Little Prince threw a big temper tantrum as I was leaving for work.  It took me 15 minutes to get out the door.  He was yelling and kicking and scratching.  It was horrible!  I hope he had a better time after I left.