Sep 26, 2016

Now and Later

I love sweet moments with my kids where we just enjoy each other.  This morning, I decided we needed a day like that.  So I put on a family movie and the kids all cuddled on the couches and chairs (even Princess Belle) and we watched a movie together.  It was fun and I was reminded again what a big, soft squishy heart, my Princess Magpie has.  Where the other girls simply enjoyed the movie, she was moved to tears and in the end laughed with joy through her tears.  She really is very sweet. 

Little Prince had speech therapy today and we discovered that even after our move, he will still be covered by the same therapist!  The continuity will be great for  him.  I did discover that we don't have to have all his EIBI in our house and that we can arrange to have it at other places like the park and the swimming pool!  I also discovered that we can delay his schooling by a year if we so choose and I think I am going to do that.  I really believe the difference another year of therapies could do for him would be amazingly helpful in schooling him!

Sep 25, 2016

Poor Baby

Well, this morning Little Prince woke up and I had a hint as to why he was SO cranky yesterday. Maybe all his whining had something to do with whatever caused his little lip to be all swollen up! This morning I went to get him and he looked like Donald Duck! Poor baby! This morning he was whining and cranky and wouldn't eat until I gave him a freezie! Then after he ate his freezie, he felt better, he ate his breakfast, watched his shows, and was his happy, cute, little self.  He is spending a lot of time touching his lip, but he seems better.

I do wish I know what he did.  I would love for him to tell me.  I can only assume he hit his lip on one of the many, many times that he has stumbled and fell.  My poor boy has more bruises than I can count.  I swear I am going to make him wear hockey padding for all his life!

Sep 24, 2016

None At All

Today is one of those days when I feel absolutely no motivation to do much of anything.  Little Prince got me up way too early and I am functioning on a combination of willpower and coffee.  And he seems to getting by on pure whine power.  Sometimes autism sucks.  Good this his cranky little hiney is cute!!

Sep 23, 2016


I love watching my boy explore things. Watching as he investigates how things work, what fits inside of what, how things fall.  Really it is scientific exploration in his little world and his joy in the whole thing makes me smile.  He was in his high chair today, eating snacks and playing with the little toys his sisters had brought him and I was caught for a moment just watching as he played, his quiet investigation warmed my heart.  I LOVE this boy.

Sep 22, 2016


Little Prince is a little overwhelmed by the boxes and chaos that comes with preparations for our move. He chooses to spend a lot of his time in his room.  Poor little peanut.

Other than his obvious discomfort, things are going well.  I don't have a lot things left to do.  It feels great to be on top of things.  I even had my hair cut!!  I still don't know what color I want it to be.

The girls are completely excited by the move and wait to get on with the adventure.

Sep 20, 2016


It has been done!!!  We have our notice in for this house and our last month's rent is paid.  We have our lease done, our rent paid for our new house, and movers all lined up!!  I am packed up, our budget is done and I am ready to go.  Now it is hurry up and wait until a month from now.  But it is good to be organized and ready so that moving should not be that stressful . . . hopefully!

And just for fun, this little guy insisted on wearing a bowtie with his jammies for his night-time snack . . . isn't he adorable??