Apr 29, 2017

Learning Together

Given that I have never tried my hand at gardening before, this year is a learning experience for me and the kids.   Today, the girls and I planted some seeds to transfer to the greenhouse later.  I also planted the green onions I rooted.  I am going to try rooting garlic too.

I don't know how successful I will be, but it is a fun experiment.   The girls are having fun learning with me.

Apr 28, 2017

This One

Now this little cutie is feeling sick.  My poor boy hoarse, feverish and generally not himself.  Here's hoping he feels better soon.

Apr 27, 2017


While there are days that I miss Yarmouth, I am discovering the many special things about Annapolis Royal.  One of the lovely things about it here is the people.  I have met so many friendly, helpful, and informative people that are quick to offer a smile or a chat.  Another wonderful thing is the closeness to nature.  We have seen a lot of animals, but my favorite is the deer.  We have had wait to let them cross the road, we have had them in our yard and in our driveway.  We even a couple of cute little goats come over to visit!  It is really cool!