Dec 9, 2016

Never Forget

I will never forget the Christmas this picture was taken.  Princess Magpie was 17 months old, Princess Belle was about to turn eight years old and Princess Snifflefritz was about to be born (three days before Christmas to be exact.)  Princess Belle was thrilled with the dress Grandma Great had given her.  She felt so beautiful.

Now all these years later, the baby who was born that year, Princess Snifflefritz, is wearing that same dress and feeling completely beautiful too.

Dec 8, 2016


I love catching moments of sweetness between my kids.  I walked into the playroom and found all my littlest ones piled up in the chair reading together.  Just so much sweetness.

The girls made sparkly Christmas balls today for their homeschool tree. They had fun and even helped me clean up the mess.  I swear it looked like Christmas exploded everywhere.