Feb 21, 2017

I Actually Did It!

For the first time in all my weight loss journey, I actually paid and joined a weight loss program!!!  I am surprised at how excited I am!  I like the accountability of Wight Watchers!  I am completely motivated and ready.  I have been stalled on my weight loss for months and even gained a little bit over Christmas and I am confident that this is just what I  need!

Here are some pictures of how I looked when I started

And here I am now, part way through:

And who knows how I will end up, but I am excited to find out!

Feb 20, 2017

Trying New Things

The girls LOVED their curriculum.  They thoroughly enjoyed the artistic part and we're thrilled to be doing school together again.  I have to say, it was an awesome day doing homeschool.  (And I had that lovely burst of energy early in the morning that allowed me to get some things done!!)

Feb 19, 2017


I had a surprising amount of energy today.  It is probably due to my healthier diet but whatever it is, I am happy.  I got a lot done and that felt good too.

The girls enjoyed the waterfront, sunny weather by playing outside and getting thoroughly soaked.  I don't mind, at least they had fun.